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Kate Jackson

I began feeding BARF to my Great Dane when she was 10 weeks old. She will be 10 in November, a great age for a Dane, and has been free from any serious health issues all her life. She is still active, fit and free from arthritis, in spite of her advancing years.

Her litter of 6 pups was also weaned and reared on BARF. I have 5 dogs altogether, 2 are show dogs and always in the ribbons. My 16 month old Dane, Bourntwyn Wanderin Star at Katira won Dane of the Year at the Irish Great Dane Club DOTY show in March and little Taylortay Waltzing Matilda got her first Green Star and was awarded Best of Breed at South Tipp show at just 7 months of age. This dispels the myth that BARF is unsuitable for growing pups, especially in giant breeds.

All 5 dogs and even our cat are fed BARF. People often remark on what wonderful coats my dogs have. There is no doggy smell from them and their teeth are in terrific shape, even the veteran Dane’s. Their “waste” is small, dry and relatively “pong” free compared to the giant mounds left by kibble-fed dogs and they never have tummy upsets! They don’t suffer from problems with skin irritations or allergies that seem to plague so many kibble fed dogs.

Although the dogs all go through seasonal shedding, they don’t blow their coats like so many others and replace their coats in less than a couple of weeks. I believe BARF has a positive impact not only on health, but also on behaviour. All the dogs, even the youngsters, are calm, happy and well behaved.

We have two freezers dedicated to storing the dogs’ feed and it’s easy to prepare and manage once you get used to it. I would never, in a million years, revert to feeding commercial kibble. With BARF, I know exactly what’s going into my dogs. I don’t have to worry about preservatives, food colourings and vast quantities of grains that I don’t believe dogs were designed to digest.

The proof of the pudding (or in this case, BARF) is in the eating and my dogs are testament to that!

Kate Jackson – Ireland

Jim Smiley
Kyokujitsu Akitas Ireland are the largest kennels in Ireland specialising in the Akita Inu. We have been using BARF diet supplies from Slaney Petfoods since we decided to change seven of our dogs to this diet 18 months ago.
Our other three dogs (the pensioners) are on Slaney Pet Foods new kibble which keeps them in good health.
The transformation in our dogs is quite remarkable and I know that I can rely on Mark to meet my supply demands at a very competitive price. We have two International Champions in our kennels who continue to win on a regular basis despite being 7 and 8 respectively.

Our new puppy from Israel is also on the Slaney diet. I would have no problem in recommending Mark at Slaney for all my pet food supplies.

Jim Smiley – Ireland

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