Slaney Petfoods was set up , to provide you with the option of a healthy natural diet for your dog or cat. Our dogs and cats are part of the family and we want to feed them with the same thought care and attention as family.

I have been an owner and breeder of Boxers for twenty five years,and have always striven to feed my dogs the best diet possible.

Having done extensive research and training in the area of animal nutrition, I became more and more frustrated with the lack of healthy diet options, and the claims of the big pet food manufacturers with their healthy “complete” dog foods.

I believe optimum nutrition is the foundation for overall pet health and long term well being.  It is this passion that is the driving force behind Slaney Petfoods.

All our meats are of human grade quality. They are 100% natural and contain no additives, preserativatives, colourants or chemicals.


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